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Life is like a rubik's cube, every turn you make affects not only you.


surprise! surprise! :)

last month sabi ng doctor girl... pero this month confirmed na...

were having a boy!!!!

excited na si dada. naiimagine na nya lahat ng harutan, habulan at wrestling na gagawin nila
at kasama dun laahat ng gagawin nilang pangiinis sa akin. tag team daw sila...

i have two boys now :)

we will be naming our little prince soon :)




Aleh Abu Nabu Kabuni

SmileyCentral.com Video below is a commercial from Sony HD Handycam. All of us at home find this hilarious and cute. If your heart would not melt over the kids ewan ko na lang. heehee. Dada would even dance to the song every time the commercial is played.
Lalo tuloy nakakainip pag dating ni baby pag nakikita namin yung commercial.

Common question pag nakikita namin yung video:
Kung anak mo yan, anong gagawin mo? Papagalitan mo ba?
Ang hirap sagutin no? Cute kasi e. Hehe.

Lyrics below if you want to sing along SmileyCentral.com


Aleh Abu Nabu Kabuni
Aleh Abu Nabu Kabuni

Ah Pongyoma Hey Bai Kondola
Lika Pay Puka Yoo Pow Mau

Abi Pocky Pocky Lau Wika Bubuha
Pika Pika Dika Day My Booni

Ah Pongyoma Hey Bai Kondola
Lika Pei Puka Yoo Pow Pow

Abi Pocky Pocky La Yika Buhuda
Pika Pika Dika Day My Booni

Ha Hoo Wadaleh Yana Nong Da La
Ha Nana Heh Hakapu Gi

Da Shoogie Doogie Hey Wada Poom Bala
Lika Wek Hakabo My Booni

Ah Pongyoma Hey Bai Kondola
Lika Pei Puka Yoo Pow Pow

Abi Pocky Pocky La Yika Buhuda
Pika Pika Dika Day My Booni

Ah Pongyoma Hey Bai Kondola
Lika Pei Puka Yoo Pow Pow

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i have always had hair problems. pinanganak ako na balbon. lotsa hair everywhere. my mom said i look like a gorilla when i was a baby sa dami ng buhok ko. sadly, the hair problem continued. not to the point of course that i still looked like a gorilla but it was there... legs, arms, armpits, even on my toes.

thing is... i noticed more hair growth recently. ang daming hair sa tummy ko! kaya pala napansin ko, parang makati. yun pala ang daming hair na tumubo. i even have a mustache now!

for any female, pregnancy is the most girlie thing to do... yet it makes us look like men.



friendship chain

i was tagged by meldita for this. hi mel! SmileyCentral.com

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- End Copy

jukie, cata im passing this to you :)



tired. need to rest. been working my a$$ out for the past 3 weeks. worked for an average of 12 hours everyday. not good i know. but i dont have a choice. and this jerk im working with makes it a lot harder. plus the fact that im terribly homesick adds up to the frustration depression whatever it is that i am feeling right now.

a lot of times i wonder... is it the work? could it be the singapore lifestyle that i cant adapt to? it could be the hormones too. or the fact that i terribly miss my loved ones back home?

i have a lot of things i should be happy and excited about actually. all my loved ones are healthy. my friends and relatives visiting me soon. a lot of good news from back home (cousins graduating, angel's achievements, rick and ryan are doing good great at school). a great loving husband. and a baby on the way. but...

it just feels that all my energy is sucked out of me. i wouldnt want to say that something is missing. probably i just miss my old life. surrounded by a lot of great people. back then i could hug my mom whenever i want. and ask my dad to make me any meal i like.

i need some rest thats for sure. and some hug would be nice as well.



haaaaaaaaay anaps!

how dare you talk to me about TEAMWORK?! you have asked me every single step to do your work. you've asked me everything you have to do. you have internet, metalink access. you dont know what to do? fine, ill teach you. but dont ask me to do the work for you! and please dont pretend that you know something when in fact you dont even have a clue! at pwede ba, matuto kang makipagusap. were you not taught about manners? no PLEASE. no THANK YOU.

you even asked me to communicate for you you dumb ass. you have email, messenger, and phone! imbalido ka ba?!

teamwork is not one sided dumb ass! kaya nga TEAM. or baka ang defenition mo is, you be the TEAM while i do all the WORK.

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cathedral gelatine

goldilocks.... nakakamiss
buti na lang I found THIS recipe
try ko next week. sana masaap.



"There are seven things that will destroy us: Wealth without work; Pleasure without conscience; Knowledge without character; Religion without sacrifice; Politics without principle; Science without humanity; Business without ethics."

— Mahatma Gandhi



hawaiian angel

i have been waiting for this video for a week now.
featuring my makulit and adorable pamanking...

enjoy ;)

another proud tita moment :)